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Spunky Monkey - Speech app

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Spunky Monkey - Speech Therapy app
Spunky Monkey - Speech Therapy app

Discover Spunky Monkey

Introducing Spunky Monkey, the revolutionizing tool that turns speech therapy into an exciting adventure.

This comprehensive app revolutionizes speech therapy for children, offering engaging exercises and activities to enhance oral motor functions, vocal skills, breathing techniques, and eating abilities. With integrated progress tracking and a user-friendly interface, Spunky Monkey is the ultimate tool to elevate your therapy sessions. Take your speech therapy sessions to the next level with Spunky Monkey

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Breathing forms the foundation of effective speech therapy and oral motor exercises. It trains the necessary muscles, promotes good posture and lung capacity, and enhances enunciation, making it a vital component in developing strong communication skills.
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Oral Motor

The Spunky Monkey application provides a variety of captivating exercises meticulously crafted to enhance oral motor abilities. By focusing on fortifying and coordinating the oral muscles, including the tongue, lips, and jaw, it aids individuals in improving their speech production. This, in turn, leads to enhanced clarity in speech and overall advancement in communication skills.
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Spunky Monkeys' vocal exercises involve generating fundamental vocal vowels and sounds. By integrating these exercises into speech therapy sessions, the application not only enhances and harmonizes the muscles engaged in voice production, but also encourages the advancement of crucial vocal abilities like vowel production. This, in turn, contributes to enhanced vocal cord closure, vocal endurance, and overall maintenance of healthy vocal practices
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Spunky Monkey offers vital eating exercises that concentrate on fortifying and enhancing core eating skills. By incorporating bite exercises and chewing demonstrations, the application assists individuals in improving their oral motor abilities and cultivating the essential coordination required for successful eating. This establishes a solid groundwork for enhancing eating proficiency.

Home practice and session planning

Spunky Monkey - SLP app
Spunky Monkey empowers speech therapists with a dynamic home practice and session planning feature.
Create personalized exercise plans for home practice and effortlessly organize sessions, setting goals and tracking progress. Seamlessly integrate therapy with home practice, ensuring a collaborative approach with parents and remarkable results.
Spunky Monkey - SLP app
Mor Calmy Cohen - Begovahaenaiym Center

Miss Mor Cohen Calmy

An experienced communication therapist, brings more than 10 years of experience and holds a master's degree (M.A). She effectively manages the multidisciplinary therapeutic center known as the "Eye level Center."
With expertise in the PROMPT method and serving as a parenting instructor following the Adler approach, Miss Mor Cohen Calmy specializes in diagnosing and treating infants, children, and teenagers.
Mor Calmy Cohen - Begovahaenaiym Center

Eye-Level Center

Spunky Monkey app

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